Blue Dog IBL (F5) Auto Fem X 3


Blue Dog IBL(F5) Auto Fem is a sativa dominant hybrid. Its lineage is chemdoggin auto x Blue Cheese auto. Strong THC content. It is a strong grower that does very well in a 7 gallon fabric pots in organics. Lifespan from seed to harvest is right around 80 to 90 days for best results. It has a strong blueberry muffin, grapefruit, chemical, musky, floral terpene to it and is a great all day smoke. A higher understanding of growing is recommended for cultivation as this cultivar does not much care for stress. Great for pain and anxiety. The effects are energetic and soothing with a creative uplifting feeling that comes on smooth. The F4 reversal plant and mother plant both shared a similar structure and terpene profile covered in dry sandy brittle trichomes great for bubble hash or dry sift. This cultivar produces beautiful plants with great structure easy to manipulate many top sites with minimal LST.  3 feminized seeds per package. 

Seeds are intended for novelty collectable items for adults over 21.