Germination of seeds 

Germination can sometimes be a little tricky and if not done properly can hinder the entire grow with auto flowers because of the short vegetation window. There are lots of methods. Jean-O's Genetics  has 2 preferred methods which consist of just placing the seed about a quarter of an inch deep into the soil and lightly covering with the grow medium water in and cover with a humidity dome. Seeds generally germinate within 2 to 7 days and there is no transplanting so no room for mistakes. The other method we use is the paper towel method where you soak the seeds in a small glass of water over 24 hours then place them in a damp paper towel in a zip lock bag till the seeds sprouts about a quarter to three quarter inch tap root. This method requires transplanting the seedling into the growing medium so caution is required when planting as the tap roots are very delicate and any transplant shock can and will set you back with the auto flowers. 

Here at Jean-O's Genetics I personally medicate with all of my crosses. Every strain I have created for production I use on a daily basis to treat for stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. I only cross out plants that meet my quality standards for terpenes, overall yield, and effects. Using Colloidal Silver to reverse female plants for feminized pollen to continue on the strains that I have found to be the best cultivars in my collection I have gathered over the years to bring about Jean-O's Genetics LLC. 

Plant training using LST, Topping, and Super Cropping with auto's is a great way to maximize yields. Sometimes one simple bend can produce many top sites. 

Being a small scale Independant Breeder means a lot to me. I have been a cannabis enthusiast since I was a young teen and I am extremely passionate about all of my projects. It was nearly 5 years ago when I first found out how to create Feminized seeds using reversal methods. I have spent the last 5 years hunting phenotypes selfing and crossing them to make new and exciting cultivars from my favorite proven winner strains. Hunting cultivars from all the top breeders all over the world and finding my favorite aromas and effects to bring to the cannabis community some of the best medicine on the market. 

Outdoor gardening can be extremely rewarding also. 

Establishing the quality of your grow

Genetics play a major roll in depicting the final product, however they are just one peace in a large puzzle to obtaining a fire harvest. Being able to read your plants physical appearance is also another crucial peace of the overall quality of the harvest. Drying and curing are also another huge peace of that puzzle. I generally go for whole plant harvest if possible and hang them upside down in a dark closet generally at room temp 68 deg F for roughly 7 to 10 days with a small fan not pointed directly at the harvest but to keep the air moving,  then cure them for at least 2 weeks burping the container twice a day. I would not personally suggest auto's for new growers as they are very non forgiving with mistakes. There are several stages in the growth cycle all of which are important to lean and understand. The seedling stage, vegetative stage, then the flowering stage. I personally feel with the auto's the seedling stage is the first and most crucial stage to understand, if you go wrong at this stage it sets the pace for the entire rest of the grow. Over and under watering are the most common mistakes during the seedling stage. They are also at there most vulnerable for pest and disease at this stage. Over feeding is yet another common mistake during the seedling stage as they really don't require much nutrients for the first week or so of their lives. The vegetative stage is in my opinion the easiest but each plant will have its own specific feeding needs and watering requirement so it is important at this point to be able to read your plants and be able to identify what they are asking for as far as water uptake and feeding needs.  From what I have seen over feeding and improper growing containers seem to be the most common mistakes during this part of the plants life cycle. I always will suggest using a fabric pot or some style of air pruning container to grow in. Over feeding with Nitrogen seems to be a very common mistake during the vegetative cycle which usually ends with burnt tips or clawing of the leaves. This not only will slow the growth of the plant but can lead to later flowering issues of hermaphroditism, all cannabis plants carry this trait which is usually brought on by an outside stress factor.   Light leeks are also a very common trigger for the hermi trait with photoperiods, but can also stress an auto flower into showing the trait also. The flowering stage is what its all about after getting through the first 2 life cycles of the plant. Early on in the first 2 to 3 weeks of flowering the plants will go through what's commonly known as the stretch, they will usually be very hungry and uptake more watering's as they are building their final structure which can usually double sometimes triple the size of the plant depending on the strain. As they come out of the stretch and start to put all of there energy into creating flowers the demand for N will decrease but it will trade off for more P and K. 

Even for seasoned growers it can take a few runs of a certain strain to be able to understand it's needs at each stage of the life cycle to optimize the grow on any cultivar photo or auto. 

All of the statements made about the cultivars are of my own personal opinions and have not been scientifically subjected to lab testing for medical or therapeutic values. Be advised that there is no proof for any medicinal values claimed here about the cultivars we offer.