Strawburried Kush RBX1 Auto Fem x 3 Pack


Strawburried Kush RBX1 is the end result from taking 2 top quality phenotypes of the Strawburried Kush F1 ( Strawberry Kush S1 x Root Beer Float S2) and back crossing them with a very gassy loud phenotype of the Strawberry Kush S1 line. In this crossing I was looking to boost vegetative growth and vigor all around with the Strawberry Kush, as I have always really enjoyed its flavors and effects but it was always a bit of a fussy grower. By crossing the Root Beer Float into the line I was able to get more hybrid vigor out of the plant which boosted the overall growth of the line and added a bit of a creamier back end to the flavor on the smoke. Expected life cycle from germination to harvest is around 75 to 85 days. Growing difficulty is Low. Indica dominant hybrid. Aroma and flavors are Gassy, Fruity, Creamy, Spicy, and Woody. Expected yields between 2 to 6 oz per plant. Effects are relaxing and calming, great for chilling out and watching a movie after a long day. Effects can differ depending on the individual. Hash returns for Bubble Hash and Dry Sift are excellent with this cultivar. Seeds are intended for adults 21 and over as novelty souvenir items. Please follow the rules and regulations of your area. Jean-O's Genetics takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product.