Wild Thing R2 Photo Fem x 3


Wild Thing R2 is the result from crossing Spice Cake F3 x The Legend S1. It's lineage consist of multiple old school powerhouses.  C99, Blue Cheese auto, Blue Widow,  Trainwreck,  Banana Hammock, VooDoo auto,  and Grand Daddy Purps are all combined to make this heavy hitting psychedelic cultivar. With a 9 to 10 week flowering cycle it produces excellent yields indoors and out. A very easy cultivar to cultivate for any grow experience.  An evenly blended hybrid it has aromas of Sour Skunk, Garlic, Gas, and Floral Earthy undertones.  The effects are extremely fast acting and borderline on racy and uplifting but are also extremely psychedelic and can lead into confusion. If you love sour terps which have almost gone extinct lately this cultivar is right up your alley. The plant structure is fairly open having a fair amount of stretch during preflower.  Flowers grow in a uniform tight golf ball structure. Seeds are sold in 3 packs for adults 21 and over as novelty souvenir items.  Please follow the rules and regulations for your area.  Jean-O's Genetics takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product.