Helter Skelter S1 Photo Fem x 3


Helter Skelter is my crossing of FV Green Poison x Durban Thai High Flyer x Guyana. This cultivar is a hash makers dream giving ample yields when washing ice water extraction. It has a very strong energetic euphoric effect that is packed in behind some extremely loud aromas that consist of Skunk, gas, Garlic, burnt rubber, and pine. The flowers are generally large open loosely packed structure. The plant structure can be a bit busy with foliage which requires a bit of defoliation during flower but is well worth a bit of extra attention. Expect flowering times between 63 to 75 days from flipping to 12/12 light schedule. This is a narrow leaf dominant hybrid.  Please follow the rules and regulations for your area.  Jean-O's Genetics takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product.  For adults 21 and over only.