What's My Name F4 Auto Fem x 3


What's My Name F4 is the resulting crossing 2 top quality phenotypes of the S1(F3) progeny of my crossing of Pineapple Express Auto x Bubble Gum Auto. Being a 50/50 hybrid it has High THC content and is a great all day long smoke. It is great for anxiety, depression, and some minor aches and pains. Effects may very depending on the individual. It has vigorous growth from start to finish with a seed to harvest time in roughly 85 to 95 days. Aroma and flavors are floral and sweet with some gassy sweet citric smells some phenotypes have had a pleasant rose aroma. It feeds light and is best grown in a 7 gallon pot or bigger with some light LST during preflower. Expect yields around 4 to 6 oz per plant. Each pack contains 3 feminized seeds. For adults over 21 intended as a novelty collectable. Please follow the laws of your area.