Grape Cheese F3 Auto Fem x 3


Grape Cheese is the resulting cross of a very skunky Blue Cheese Auto x a very potent Grapey Walter auto. These were at the F2 stage and were then Back Crossed to the Grapey Walter to lock in some of its interesting aromatic traits. I then chose 2 Grapey Walter leaning phenotypes out of the F2Bx and crossed them with each other to make this new F3 line.  A slightly Sativa dominant hybrid it has very strong THC with a soaring high that is great for creativity and energy. Great for depression and some minor aches and pains. Effects may very depending on the individual. Aroma and flavor are grapefruit, gas, skunk, and menthol. It tends to get a cheese aroma only after a bit of cure. Super dense and resinous flowers and a seed to harvest time in 80 to 90 days. Expect yields around 3 to 6 oz. Best results if grown in a 7 gallon pot or bigger and is a easy grow that feeds light with decent growth in veg and pre flower. Light LST and some defoliation is recommended as this one gets a bit bushy. 3 feminized seeds per pack. Intended for adults 21 and over for novelty collectable items.