Blueberry CheezeCake F1 Auto Fem x 3


Blueberry CheezeCake is the product of Stilton x 3 Bears OG x Blue Dog auto. It is close to a 50/50 hybrid with a great all day high that is great for pain and ADHD. Helping with mental focus and creative energy at low doses and at higher doses can lead to a sedated couch lock effect. The aromas and flavors are floral, creamy, and berry with a bit of gas. With a 80 to 90 seed to harvest time it has some pretty aggressive growth all the way through. Expect yields on average around 2 to 5 oz per plant. For best results use 7 gallon pot or bigger and light LST. It does get a bit droopy late flower with its resinous flowers. THC content is petty high with this one. Seeds are intended as collectable for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules of your area.