What The Fuck S1 Auto Fem 3 Pack


What The Fuck S1 Auto is the result from crossing the VooDoo F1 auto x What's My Name S1 auto. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that has an energetic and uplifting effects that hit fast and hard. Most phenotypes will finish in 80 to 90 days from sprout but some phenotypes have gone closer to 100 days from seed. Aroma and flavors are pineapple, blueberry, creamy, and gassy. Expect yields around 4 to 6 oz if grown out in 5 to 7 gallon pots but it also handles fine in smaller containers. This plant is very vigorous with growth and gets quite hungry in flower. Seeds are for adults 21 and over sold for novelty collectably items. Please follow the rules of your area.