Blue Dog S1 (Chemdoggin Pheno) Auto Fem 3 Pack


Blue Dog S1 auto is the result from selfing the #9 phenotype of the F1 crossing of Blue Cheese auto x Chemdoggin auto which is the base of my Blue Dog cross. This phenotype leaned heavily on the Chemdoggin side.  This is a Sativa dominant hybrid but the effects are relaxing and lean towards couchlock if taken in large amounts. This project has been close to 5 years in the making and I would consider this one of my staple strains. She is a greasy trichome factory! Aroma and flavor are strong chemical funk, sour, citric, burnt rubber, and gas. Seed to harvest in roughly 80 to 90 days and expect yields around 3 to 6 oz per plant. Recommended for skilled growers with a higher level of growing experience as this cultivar does not like stress. Seeds are intended for adults 21 and over as novelty collectible items. Please follow the rules of your area.