Straw Dog S1 Auto Fem 3 Pack


Straw Dog S1 is the result from Selfing an amazingly resinous and potent Straw Dog F1 #5 phenotype. Being a 50/50 hybrid she grows with a Sativa structure and effects lean heavily on the Indica side being relaxing and great for evening pain management. With a seed to harvest window of around 75 to 85 days she will reward you with yields of around 4 to 8 oz per plant if grown out in 5 to 7 gallon pots but also handles well in smaller containers. This is a super easy grow for all growing experience levels. Aroma and flavors are Chemical Funk, Strawberries, Cream, Gas, and Cheese. Seeds are intended as novelty collectible items for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules of your area.