Hell Hound F2 XXL Auto Fem 3 Pack


Hell Hound F2 XXL auto is the resulting cross of a massively large Grape Cheese F2 BX crossed with the heavy and hard hitting Blue Dog F1 Chemdoggin leaning phenotype. I then chose 2 very potent phenotypes from the F1 cross which exhibited an even blend of both of the parent strains to reverse and cross to each other.  Flavor and aroma are Blueberry, Chemical Funk, Citric, Floral, Cheese, and Skunk. Expected life cycle is around 90 to 100 days seed to harvest and yields are between 6 to 16 oz per plant if grown out in larger containers. This Sativa dominant hybrid wont let you down in the effects department as it has a soaring high that is very energetic, and seems to work great for depression. Seeds are sold as novelty collectible items for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules of your area.