Double Bubble Blueberry Trouble F2 Auto Fem 3 Pack


Double Bubble Blueberry Trouble F2 is the result from crossing  Blueberry x Bubblegum x Blue Dog F1. I chose an orange zest terpy blueberry and crossed her with a creamy and smooth Bubblegum and took that resulting F1 cross which had an orange cream aroma and flavor then crossed her to a Chemdoggin leaning F1 phenotype of my Blue Dog. In the end this monstrous blend created a terpy beast that has a total life expectancy of 85 to 95 days from seed to harvest. She puts out large open structured sativa style flowers full of a combination of aromas ranging from citric orange zest and grapefruit, to creamy blueberry and strawberries to a musky dank basement with rotten fruit. Yields are fair between 3 to 6 oz's if grown in a 7 gallon pot. This now F2 progeny is still a work in progress but after sifting through several of the F1 phenotypes and finding what I believed were 2 very special phenotypes that expressed an even balance of the parent strains I am happy to bring the new F2 line of the DBBT. Effects are potent and fast acting and range between energetic and creative with lower doses to highly sedative and relaxing with some heavy munchies with larger doses.  Seeds are intended as novelty collectible items for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules of your area.