Chocolate Bold Desire CBD S1 photo fem 3 pack


Chocolate Bold Desire CBD S1 is the result from selfing a robust chocolaty pheno from Sweet Seeds Chem Beyond Diesel CBD line. The phenotype was selected for its strong coffee and chocolate terpene profile as well as its evenly blended THC to CBD ratio and excellent pain killing properties. This cultivar has roughly a 1:1/ 1:2 CBD to THC ratio in most phenotypes. Expect flowering times from 9 to 10 weeks. This strain is rich in CBD and is great for daytime and nightime pain management and works very well for inflimation and joint pain. This is a great strain for those in need of pain management or for the beginning canna user. Terpenes are coffee, Chocolate, Floral, and Burnt Rubber. Yields are very generous and you should expect to see trichome covered solid golf ball sized flowers in abundance during flowering.  Seeds are sold in 3 packs as novelty souvineer items for adults 21 and over.