Cream Cheese F2 Auto Fem x 3


Cream Cheese Auto fem is the result from crossing my Root Beer Float S2 auto x Blue Cheese auto from my personal collection. For the F2 line I choose 2 phenotypes that best showed the overall collaboration of both parent strains. Its aroma is intoxicating with hints of sarsaparilla, cheese, skunk, and gas. Expected life cycle is around 80 to 90 days from seed to harvest. Most phenotypes are mid sized plants but the occasional beastly plant can be expected as more breeding work is required to even out phenotype variations. Overall effects are strong and energetic adding to motivation and creativity. Yields are solid between 3 to 6 oz per plant. This cultivar is a terpy monster and gets covered in greasy trichomes, great for rosin pressing with returns around 25%. She is best suited for cultivation indoors but does well outdoors with a bit lower yields but has great pest and disease resistance. Seeds are intended for adults 21 and over as novelty souvenir items. Please follow the rules and regulations of your area.