CBD Haze S1 Auto Fem x 3

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CBD Haze S1 auto is a 1:1 cultivar that boast between 8 to 10% THC/CBD in an even ratio. Haze Autoflowering CBD is an excellent alternative that, thanks to her 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, delivers a moderate effect with major therapeutic properties. Her high CBD content allows for a more relaxing effect that is perfect for carrying out daily tasks without feeling the typical heady sensation high-THC genetics produce. This is a great strain for medicating for anxiety, stress, and pain. This strain started its journey out at Dinafem and found its way to a friend off AFN in California who then gifted it to me. I then sifted through the phenotypes I had and chose the one with the best overall production and effects to make my new S1 crossing. Expected life cycle is around 80 to 90 days seed to harvest and yields are bountiful between 2 to 5 oz per plant. Flavor and aroma is floral and sweet with light gassy undertones. This cultivar is a light feeding plant that takes to tip burn fairly easily with higher Nitrogen levels. Seeds are intended for adults 21 and over as novelty souvenir collectables. Please follow the rules of your area.