Crazy Kush S1 Photo Fem 3 Pack


Crazy Kush S1 is the result from crossing an especially sweet and skunky Sweet Seeds FV Green Poison x an extremely productive Dinafem Quick Kush. The original F1 seeds were then pheno sifted for an overly productive and vigorously growing phenotype that expressed a beautifully balanced aroma of sweet and skunky citric kush funk. The effects are intense and fast acting energy and creativity with soothing focus. Flowering times are suggested around 9 to 10 weeks. Yields are beyond generous. Testing has shown outdoor harvest to be late September to early October. This sativa dominant hybrid  is fairly easy to cultivate indoors and outdoors having good pest and disease resistance. If growing outdoors it is suggested to wait until June 1st to transplant outdoors as these plants are fairly sensitive to light decreases. Seeds are sold in 3 packs for adults 21 and over. Please follow the rules and regulations for your area. Jean-O's Genetics is not responsible for the misuse of this product.